Which roles are played by Ivan Hayes | Characters played by Ivan Hayes

Ivan Hayes has played the role of Sailor in Botany Bay Film released in 1953.

Soldier in Hell and High Water Film released in 1954.

Chamber Guard in King Richard and the Crusaders Film released in 1954.

Sailor in Plymouth Adventure Film released in 1952.

Bernardo in 'Hamlet' in Prince of Players Film released in 1955.

Orderly in Rogue's March Film released in 1953.

British Soldier in The Bamboo Prison Film released in 1954.

Young Man in The Glass Slipper Film released in 1955.

Mr. Nyby in The Scarlet Coat Film released in 1955.

Chorus Boy (segment "The Jealous Lover") in The Story of Three Loves Film released in 1953.

Officer in Titanic Film released in 1953.

Soldier in What Price Glory Film released in 1952.

Jimmy in Lux Video Theatre TV Series released in 1950.

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