Which roles are played by Ivis Goulding | Characters played by Ivis Goulding

Ivis Goulding has played the role of Prisoner in Botany Bay Film released in 1953.

Dignified Woman in Daddy Long Legs Film released in 1955.

Maid in How to Marry a Millionaire Film released in 1953.

Mother in Interrupted Melody Film released in 1955.

Alice Mullins in Plymouth Adventure Film released in 1952.

Mrs. O'Russell in Scandal at Scourie Film released in 1953.

English Woman in Soldier of Fortune Film released in 1955.

Louise in The Rains of Ranchipur Film released in 1955.

Emma - First Class Stewardess in Titanic Film released in 1953.

Which roles are played by Ivis Goulding, name the characters played by Ivis Goulding, list of roles potrayed by Ivis Goulding

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