Which roles are played by Jack (I) Train | Characters played by Jack (I) Train

Jack (I) Train has played the role of Puppet Character in Alice in Wonderland Film released in 1949.

Solicitor in Catacombs Film released in 1965.

Uncle James in Colonel Bogey Film released in 1948.

Hastings in Gaiety George Film released in 1946.

Lefty/Funf in It's That Man Again Film released in 1943.

Colonel Chinstrap in Jubilation Film released in 1945.

Jack in King Arthur Was a Gentleman Film released in 1942.

Joe Nelson in Miss London Ltd. Film released in 1943.

Himself - Twenty Questions panellist in The 20 Questions Murder Mystery Film released in 1950.

Barman in The Nursemaid Who Disappeared Film released in 1939.

Himself in This Is Music Hall TV Film released in 1955.

Himself in To See Such Fun Film released in 1977.

Himself in Arena TV Series released in 1975.

Major in Armchair Theatre TV Series released in 1956.

Himself - Guest DJ in Thank Your Lucky Stars TV Series released in 1961.

Himself - Guest in The Anne Shelton Show TV Series released in 1958.

Man at Meeting in Turn Out the Lights TV Series released in 1967.

Himself - Twenty Questions Panellist in What's My Line TV Series released in 1951.

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