Which roles are played by James Andelin | Characters played by James Andelin

James Andelin has played the role of Lt. Parker in City That Never Sleeps Film released in 1953.

Feed Store Farmer in Field of Dreams Film released in 1989.

Lenny in Folks! Film released in 1992.

Narrator in Good Eating Habits Film released in 1951.

Sven in Grumpier Old Men Film released in 1995.

Mr. Parks in Law and Social Controls Film released in 1949.

Merle in Madison Film released in 2005.

Band instructor in Mr. B Natural Film released in 1957.

Transit Cop I in On the Right Track Film released in 1981.

Wizard of Wrigley in Rookie of the Year Film released in 1993.

Mr. Taylor in School Rules: How They Help Us Film released in 1952.

Elderly Man in Stir of Echoes Film released in 1999.

Asa in The Babe Film released in 1992.

Dr. Sam Edwards in The Healing Video released in 1983.

Old Man in The Woman Who Loved Elvis TV Film released in 1993.

Dr. Thomas in Early Edition TV Series released in 1996.

Gunder Forrest in Missing Persons TV Series released in 1993.

Mr. Dowbrowski in Sable TV Series released in 1987.

Leon Kessle in Turks TV Series released in 1999.

Which roles are played by James Andelin, name the characters played by James Andelin, list of roles potrayed by James Andelin

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