Which roles are played by James Hutson | Characters played by James Hutson

James Hutson has played the role of Nolan's Aide in 10.5 TV Film released in 2004.

Nolan's Aide in 10.5: Apocalypse TV Film released in 2006.

Detective Anderson in Candiland Film released in 2015.

Carter Holmes in Dark Harvest Film released in 2015.

Wingman #1 in G-Saviour TV Film released in 2000.

Security Guard in In a Class of His Own TV Film released in 1999.

Officer #1 in Insomnia Film released in 2002.

Himself in Let Me Ride Film released in 2007.

Farley Mann in Middlemen Film released in 2000.

David in Red Deer Film released in 2000.

Mike in Reindeer Games Film released in 2000.

Snotty Concierge in Replicant Film released in 2001.

The War Criminal in Search Film released in 1999.

Agent Nolan in Sole Survivor TV Film released in 2000.

The Promoter in Summer Love: The Documentary Film released in 1999.

Mob Limo Driver in Underworld Film released in 1996.

Tim in Night Visions TV Series released in 2000.

MRI Doctor in Smallville TV Series released in 2001.

Hotel Manager in Supernatural TV Series released in 2005.

Trader in Switchback TV Series released in 1981.

Doctor in Taken TV Series released in 2002.

Prosecutor in The Chris Isaak Show TV Series released in 2001.

Sebastian Azra in The Fearing Mind TV Series released in 2000.

Bearded Man in The Lone Gunmen TV Series released in 2001.

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