Which roles are played by Jan (I) Bryant | Characters played by Jan (I) Bryant

Jan (I) Bryant has played the role of Wife of King in Anna and the King of Siam Film released in 1946.

Junior Leaguer in Cinderella Jones Film released in 1946.

Pat Croft aka Collins in Cowboy Cavalier Film released in 1948.

Janet Reymond in Crashing Thru Film released in 1949.

WAC in Fearless Fagan Film released in 1952.

Ann Shelby in Flashing Guns Film released in 1947.

Secretary in Holmes Theatrical Agency in Hit Parade of 1947 Film released in 1947.

Redhead in It's a Great Feeling Film released in 1949.

Slave Girl in Lost in a Harem Film released in 1944.

Ruth Denny in Shadows on the Range Film released in 1946.

Jeanne Willoughby in Silver Range Film released in 1946.

Teenage Girl in Audience in The Frozen Ghost Film released in 1945.

Hazel Crawford in The Gas House Kids in Hollywood Film released in 1947.

Goldwyn Girl in The Kid from Brooklyn Film released in 1946.

Lois in The Trap Film released in 1946.

Goldwyn Girl in Up in Arms Film released in 1944.

Marge Evans in Boston Blackie TV Series released in 1951.

Susan Marsh in The Cisco Kid TV Series released in 1950.

Miss Hardin in The Cisco Kid TV Series released in 1950.

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