Which roles are played by Jason Vaisvila | Characters played by Jason Vaisvila

Jason Vaisvila has played the role of Cute Guy with Dreads in 50/50 Film released in 2011.

Israeli Man in Common Grounds Video released in 2011.

Driver #1 in Happy Face Killer TV Film released in 2014.

Cobra in Henchin' Film released in 2008.

Butch in Life Is a TV Show Film released in 2007.

Caretaker 2 in Love, Anteros Film released in 2009.

Cult Leader in Messiah Film released in 2013.

Krang in Missing Link Film released in 2010.

Viking in Night at the Museum Film released in 2006.

Jackie Segal in Ninja Inc. Film released in 2011.

The Gun Runner in Old Traditions Film released in 2012.

Mark in Rayne in the Mexican Mud Film released in 2011.

Long-haired Gangster in The Hard Cut Film released in 2011.

Bear in Thieving Bones Film released in 2008.

Homeless Man in Fringe TV Series released in 2008.

Engineer Jesus in Life Unexpected TV Series released in 2010.

Milosh in Psych TV Series released in 2006.

Street Preacher in Supernatural TV Series released in 2005.

Long Haired Muscle Builder in The Jim TV Series released in 2010.

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