Which roles are played by Jay (I) Costelo | Characters played by Jay (I) Costelo

Jay (I) Costelo has played the role of Himself in 2008 MTV Movie Awards TV Film released in 2008.

Wang in Ashley's Ashes Film released in 2010.

Josh in Butcher House Video released in 2006.

Dean in Edges of Darkness Video released in 2008.

Eddie in Halloween Night Video released in 2006.

Paul in National Health Test with Bryant Gumbel TV Film released in 2006.

Siats in Night of the Flesh Eaters Video released in 2008.

Prisoner with Seizures in Pledge of Allegiance Film released in 2007.

Danny in Roger Film released in 2008.

Mohawk Guy in Saving Sam Film released in 2007.

Trey Chaudhry in Sex and the USA Film released in 2008.

Juan in Snakes on a Train Video released in 2006.

Himself in Snakes on a Train: Behind the Scenes Video released in 2006.

Kennedy in Socket Film released in 2007.

Paul in Step One Breathe Film released in 2011.

Altar Boy in Sympathy Film released in 2007.

Dawg Pounder in The Last Day of Summer TV Film released in 2007.

Brat in The Minis Film released in 2007.

Pablo Chan in The True Story of Che Guevara TV Film released in 2007.

Ben in The Unfortunate Video released in 2007.

Pierced Boy in Tru Loved Film released in 2008.

Fake I.D. Boy in Do Over TV Series released in 2002.

Inmate in LA Forensics TV Series released in 2006.

Leonard in Played by Fame TV Series released in 2009.

Entourage in Played by Fame TV Series released in 2009.

Jason in Totally Busted TV Series released in 2003.

Jay in Well Played! TV Series released in 2012.

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