Which roles are played by Jay Thames | Characters played by Jay Thames

Jay Thames has played the role of Will Marcus in Automatic Film released in 2005.

Andrew in Four Letter Words Film released in 2000.

Cole in Fuel Film released in 2009.

Garcia in Fur on the Asphalt: The Greg the Bunny Reunion Show TV Film released in 2005.

Ed in I Dream Too Much Film released in 2015.

Police Officer 2 in Les Ma�tres du suspense Film released in 2014.

Guido in Meddle and Steal Film released in 2001.

Sissy in The Grind Film released in 2010.

Sal in The Power of Few Film released in 2013.

Headliner's Roadie in The Runaways Film released in 2010.

Drug Addict in 24 TV Series released in 2001.

Needles in Sons of Anarchy TV Series released in 2008.

Larry SWAT Team leader in Warren the Ape TV Series released in 2010.

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