Which roles are played by Jean-Marc Roulot | Characters played by Jean-Marc Roulot

Jean-Marc Roulot has played the role of Le docteur Fran?ois Grand in Adrien Lesage: Un week-end en Bourgogne TV Film released in 1996.

Florent in Betty Film released in 1992.

Alexandre in Bob le magnifique TV Film released in 1998.

M. Bonnard in B�b�s boum TV Film released in 1998.

De Marco in C'est arriv� dans l'escalier TV Film released in 2006.

Le CRS ? Roissy in Circulez y a rien � voir! Film released in 1983.

L'avocat au diner in Consentement mutuel Film released in 1994.

Le notaire in Coup de vache TV Film released in 2004.

Rambo in Cr�dit bonheur TV Film released in 1996.

Jacques Lanvin in Diplomatie Film released in 2014.

Le copain d'Olivier in Jeanne et le gar�on formidable Film released in 1998.

Henri Beverel in La confiance r�gne Film released in 2004.

Mayor's Assistant in La fille de l'air Film released in 1992.

Lucien Touya in La mer � l'aube Film released in 2011.

Michael in La pagaille Film released in 1991.

Rapha?l jeune in Le nez au vent Film released in 1997.

Val?re in Le tartuffe Film released in 1984.

Le fils d'hermine in Le voyage de P�n�lope TV Film released in 1996.

Bertrand in Les grands enfants TV Film released in 1998.

Jean-Marc Luchet in Les saveurs du Palais Film released in 2012.

Philippe in Loin du Br�sil Film released in 1992.

Paul in Louise Wimmer Film released in 2011.

Professeur Perrot in Marie Besnard l'empoisonneuse... TV Film released in 2006.

Bertrand Castela in Quai d'Orsay Film released in 2013.

Antoine in Rio Sex Comedy Film released in 2010.

?douard in Tout ce qui brille TV Film released in 1996.

De Berque in Toute la ville en parle TV Film released in 2000.

Docteur Vermont in Tu seras mon fils Film released in 2011.

La Veillee Actor in Un homme amoureux Film released in 1987.

Le m?decin in Un week-end sur deux Film released in 1990.

Monsieur Lancien in Avocats & associ�s TV Series released in 1998.

M. Lebret in Boulevard du Palais TV Series released in 1999.

Thierry in L'instit TV Series released in 1993.

Monaieur Raymon in La grande collection TV Series released in 1991.

Mathieu in La mondaine TV Series released in 1994.

Joubert in Le sang de la vigne TV Series released in 2011.

Couranjou in Les Cordier, juge et flic TV Series released in 1992.

Vincent Berman in Les enqu�tes d'�lo�se Rome TV Series released in 2001.

Abb? Filassier in Les jupons de la r�volution TV Series released in 1989.

Bonal in Navarro TV Series released in 1989.

Fran?ois Bichot in P.J. TV Series released in 1997.

Jean-Jacques in Regards d'enfance TV Series released in 1993.

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