Which roles are played by Jeffrey (I) Knight | Characters played by Jeffrey (I) Knight

Jeffrey (I) Knight has played the role of Howard in A Saintly Switch TV Film released in 1999.

Commander Thompson in Amelia Film released in 2009.

Copa Announcer in Club Land TV Film released in 2001.

Editor in Deliberate Intent TV Film released in 2000.

Aussie News Anchor in Dogboys TV Film released in 1998.

Party Reporter in Driven Film released in 2001.

Police/Guard Cop in Eng TV Film released in 1990.

Goblin Lackey/Ratonga Combat/Harold Dunstan/Pathfinder Oakheart/Capt. Beltho/Ranik Calman/Aldwyn Graham/Gerden Hart/Bard Frostnight/Tratnor Everhot/Gip Ebonleg/Marlen Oakeater/Oseof Crestryder/Qipuo Madstaff/Aulus Crispian/Lucanic Human Knight Initiate #2/Erudite Bribe Traitor/Moze Griphand/Hierophant Aldalad in EverQuest II Film released in 2004.

Rick Martin in Gross Misconduct: The Life of Brian Spencer TV Film released in 1993.

Ian Ricks in H2O Extreme Film released in 2009.

Chauffeur in Hitler's Daughter TV Film released in 1990.

Mike Flanders in Jett Jackson: The Movie TV Film released in 2001.

T.V. Reporter in The Hunt for the Unicorn Killer TV Film released in 1999.

Morder in The Outfit Film released in 2005.

Bellhop in The Tune Film released in 1992.

Amos in Ti ho cercata in tutti i necrologi Film released in 2013.

Auctioneer in Degrassi: The Next Generation TV Series released in 2001.

Bud Lanier in Earth: Final Conflict TV Series released in 1997.

Homer in Growing Up Creepie TV Series released in 2006.

Wallace Pike in Murdoch Mysteries TV Series released in 2008.

Officer in Secret Service TV Series released in 1992.

Mike Collins in Side Effects TV Series released in 1994.

Nelson Vanderbeek in The 5th Quadrant TV Series released in 2002.

Mike Flanders in The Famous Jett Jackson TV Series released in 1998.

Swen in The Rez TV Series released in 1996.

5 Episodes in Top Cops TV Series released in 1990.

Hockey Broadcaster in Transporter: The Series TV Series released in 2012.

Pilot #2 in War of the Worlds TV Series released in 1988.

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