Which roles are played by Jeremy Thorsen | Characters played by Jeremy Thorsen

Jeremy Thorsen has played the role of The Driver in 6x4 Film released in 2007.

Bobby in B4 Film released in 2012.

Hideous Zombie #2 in Dark House Film released in 2009.

Ren in Death Factory Film released in 2014.

Cop in Decisions Film released in 2011.

Supporting in Letters of the Great War Film released in 2004.

Journalist in Name, Age, Sex Film released in 2008.

Matthew in Night and Day Film released in 2011.

Dude in Paper Film released in 2013.

Student Interviewee in Rule Number One Film released in 2005.

Jon in Served Cold Film released in 2010.

Officer Cooper in The Last Score Film released in 2009.

Nazi Guard in The Way I Saw You Film released in 2011.

Grant Taylor in America's Court with Judge Ross TV Series released in 2010.

Detective Jay Pentheny in Deadly Wives TV Series released in 2013.

Zack Ryan in Girls of Sunset Place TV Series released in 2012.

German Spy in Hotel Secrets & Legends TV Series released in 2014.

Doctor in I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant TV Series released in 2008.

Detective Lenick in Killer Kids TV Series released in 2012.

Andrew Silver in Supernatural TV Series released in 2005.

Speaker in Tosh.0 TV Series released in 2009.

Young Gaurd in Wayward Pines TV Series released in 2015.

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