Which roles are played by Jim (IV) Fitzpatrick | Characters played by Jim (IV) Fitzpatrick

Jim (IV) Fitzpatrick has played the role of Captain Bligh in A Fonder Heart Film released in 2011.

Allen Daniels in Adventure Scouts Film released in 2010.

Jamie Tesch in An American Reunion Film released in 2003.

NORAD Technician in Armageddon Film released in 1998.

Young Street Gangster in Band of the Hand Film released in 1986.

Spider in Blood Ranch Video released in 2006.

Himself & Other Characters in Bob Hope Winterfest Christmas Show TV Film released in 1987.

Dock Worker in Cocoon Film released in 1985.

Emerson in Curse of the Starving Class Film released in 1994.

Tascom Security Guard in D.A.R.Y.L. Film released in 1985.

Cop Buddy in Distortion Film released in 2006.

Ozzie Partington in Divorce Texas Style Film released in 2013.

Max Connellan in Dolphin Tale Film released in 2011.

Rusty in Elizabethtown Film released in 2005.

Steve Street in Glory Days Film released in 1979.

Sargeant Major Collins in Guts and Glory: The Rise and Fall of Oliver North TV Film released in 1989.

Detective Frank Cates in Hallows Point Film released in 2007.

Tony in Little Ghost Film released in 1997.

Capt. Skip Lang in Operation Delta Force 3: Clear Target Film released in 1998.

River in Shelter in the Storm Film released in 1987.

Young Father in Ski Patrol Film released in 1990.

Pauly Berman in Soulmates Film released in 0.

Davis in Sporting Chance TV Film released in 1990.

Professor Calvin Gordon (Neurophysicist) in Supernatural TV Film released in 2005.

Adam Simeon in The Belly of the Beast Film released in 2007.

John Davis in The Code Conspiracy Film released in 2002.

Himself in The Final Season Film released in 1988.

Deputy Jim Ryan in The Glass Shield Film released in 1994.

Vince in The Indian Film released in 2007.

Bud in The Last Fling TV Film released in 1987.

John in The WormKillers' Last Spring TV Film released in 1994.

Mike Bradley in U.S. Seals Video released in 2000.

Tommy in Unreel: A True Hollywood Story Film released in 2001.

Fat Man's Body Guard in Walking the Edge Film released in 1985.

Reporter #3 in When the Bough Breaks TV Film released in 1986.

Wrestling Coach Hardgrave in 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd TV Series released in 1999.

Pierce Riley #1 in All My Children TV Series released in 1970.

Sexy Guy in Anything But Love TV Series released in 1989.

Danny Clegg in Capitol TV Series released in 1982.

Dr. Robinson in Days of Our Lives TV Series released in 1965.

Player #1 in Designing Women TV Series released in 1986.

Commander Williams in Enterprise TV Series released in 2001.

Lt. Col. McGreun in ER TV Series released in 1994.

Pierce Dorman #1 (1994-1995) in General Hospital TV Series released in 1963.

Marine Maj. Warren Lasley in JAG TV Series released in 1995.

Lt. Cmdr. Murray Douglas in JAG TV Series released in 1995.

Teddy Lake in Miami Vice TV Series released in 1984.

Capt. Frank Hawkins in Pacific Blue TV Series released in 1996.

Brett Quinn in Renegade TV Series released in 1992.

Raz/Man in Santa Barbara TV Series released in 1984.

Tony in South of Sunset TV Series released in 1993.

Kyle in Stand by Your Man TV Series released in 1992.

Rip Chase in Sweating Bullets TV Series released in 1991.

CIA Guard Allman in The Agency TV Series released in 2001.

Captain Weston Buell in The District TV Series released in 2000.

T.A.C. Team Captain Weston Buell in The District TV Series released in 2000.

Tom Wilson in The New Gidget TV Series released in 1986.

Camp Pendleton Security Chief Robert Burkehart in Threat Matrix TV Series released in 2003.

Captain Pescow in Tour of Duty TV Series released in 1987.

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