Which roles are played by Joe (I) McPartland | Characters played by Joe (I) McPartland

Joe (I) McPartland has played the role of Butler in Ascendancy Film released in 1983.

Mr. Purce in Attracta Film released in 1983.

Charlie Burke in In the Name of the Father Film released in 1993.

Judge in Patmos Film released in 1985.

Inspector Moore in The Mind of Mr. Soames Film released in 1970.

Joe McDermott in The Outsider Film released in 1980.

Denis in Centre Play TV Series released in 1973.

Laurence O'Donovan in Childhood TV Series released in 1974.

Gerry in Comedy Playhouse TV Series released in 1993.

Paddy in Constant Hot Water TV Series released in 1986.

Pat in Eh Brian! It's a Whopper TV Series released in 1984.

Willie in Foreign Bodies Film released in 1987.

William McKinney in God's Frontiersmen TV Series released in 1988.

Gardener in Once Upon a Time TV Series released in 1973.

Dad in Play for Today TV Series released in 1970.

The MacMurtrey in Play for Today TV Series released in 1970.

Uncle Jack in Screen Two TV Series released in 1985.

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