Which roles are played by Joe (III) Bennett | Characters played by Joe (III) Bennett

Joe (III) Bennett has played the role of Danielo in Fame TV Film released in 1978.

Lou Goldberg - The Black Tigers in Good Guys Wear Black Film released in 1978.

Choreographer in Guilty by Suspicion Film released in 1991.

Bela Karolyi in Nadia TV Film released in 1984.

Gregory Pastore in The Immigrants TV Film released in 1978.

Frank Sarno in The Two-Five TV Film released in 1978.

P. Cislo in Dead by Sunset TV Series released in 1995.

Julian in Family TV Series released in 1976.

Maxim Leonard in Fantasy Island TV Series released in 1977.

Walter Duboise in Highway to Heaven TV Series released in 1984.

Which roles are played by Joe (III) Bennett, name the characters played by Joe (III) Bennett, list of roles potrayed by Joe (III) Bennett

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