Which roles are played by Joe Pecoraro | Characters played by Joe Pecoraro

Joe Pecoraro has played the role of Joe Leoni in Harlem Nights Film released in 1989.

Man in Phonebooth in Me and the Kid Film released in 1993.

Rest Home Resident in Posey Film released in 2012.

Counterman in Quicksilver Film released in 1986.

Jinx in Ruby Film released in 1992.

Angelo Vitello in Street Corner Justice Film released in 1996.

Joe in The Girl Gets Moe Film released in 1997.

Carlos Valenzuela in The Night Stalker TV Film released in 2002.

Doorman in The Pickle Film released in 1993.

Projectionist in The Shawshank Redemption Film released in 1994.

The Chef in Dellaventura TV Series released in 1997.

Himself in Hollywood Lives TV Series released in 2007.

Giuseppe in On the Air TV Series released in 1992.

Subway Grate #3 in Up to Speed TV Series released in 2012.

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