Which roles are played by John (I) Surman | Characters played by John (I) Surman

John (I) Surman has played the role of Man in House in A Social Call Film released in 2002.

Colleague #1 in Alice in Wonderland Film released in 2010.

Soldier in Being Human Film released in 1994.

Mr. Cook in Chicago Joe and the Showgirl Film released in 1990.

Loser in Croupier Film released in 1998.

Jeramiah Joliff in Field of Fish Film released in 2000.

Pathologist in I'll Sleep When I'm Dead Film released in 2003.

Stonemason in Les Mis�rables Film released in 1998.

Organ Grinder in Les Mis�rables Film released in 2012.

Insp. Bertozzo in The Accidental Death of an Anarchist TV Film released in 1983.

Tent Auctioneer in The Mayor of Casterbridge TV Film released in 2003.

Assistant in The Tale of the Rat That Wrote Film released in 1999.

Male Nurse in Walter TV Film released in 1982.

Constable at Lakes in Without a Clue Film released in 1988.

Health Inspector in Chef! TV Series released in 1993.

Market Man in Down to Earth TV Series released in 2000.

Secretary in Fall of Eagles TV Series released in 1974.

Red Dragon in Jackanory TV Series released in 1965.

Prison warder in Parnell & the Englishwoman TV Series released in 1991.

Pub Landlord in The Bill TV Series released in 1984.

Shepherd in The Borgias TV Series released in 2011.

Tom in The Passion TV Series released in 1999.

Horrocks in Vanity Fair TV Series released in 1998.

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