Which roles are played by Jomar Miranda | Characters played by Jomar Miranda

Jomar Miranda has played the role of Neighbor in Affliction Film released in 2014.

Henchmen in Day 180 Film released in 2013.

Random Party Guy in Hang Loose Film released in 2012.

Park Bully in Haole: White Boy in Paradise Video released in 2008.

Ben in Impulse Film released in 2013.

Vince in Just One More Film released in 2012.

Nathan Otero in Polinahe Film released in 2007.

Filipino Farmer in Rafael Film released in 2011.

Jamie in Slow Night Film released in 2013.

Patrick in The Intruder Film released in 2012.

Ben in The Writer's Block Film released in 2012.

Will Ling in Hawaii Five-0 TV Series released in 2010.

Sampson in Last Resort TV Series released in 2012.

Which roles are played by Jomar Miranda, name the characters played by Jomar Miranda, list of roles potrayed by Jomar Miranda

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