Which roles are played by Jonathan (I) Fuller | Characters played by Jonathan (I) Fuller

Jonathan (I) Fuller has played the role of Ghost of Christmas Past/Topper in A Christmas Carol Film released in 1982.

Dean - Neighbor in A Day Without a Mexican Film released in 2004.

Arcade in Arcade Video released in 1993.

Fawkes in Bloodfist VI: Ground Zero Video released in 1995.

'Jessica'/Internet Man (segment "People Can Lick Too") in Campfire Tales Film released in 1997.

Giorgio in Castle Freak Video released in 1995.

Millspawl in Final Voyage Film released in 1999.

Steve 4X in Flash III: Deadly Nightshade Video released in 1992.

'Snake' Underwood in Last Man Standing Video released in 1995.

Clayton in Lifted Film released in 2010.

Jacques in Skyscraper Video released in 1996.

Dr. Charles Flint in Suspect Device TV Film released in 1995.

Malthon in The Dark Mist Film released in 1996.

Antonio in The Pit and the Pendulum Film released in 1991.

The Instructor in Ellen TV Series released in 1994.

Dr. Zarkov in Homeboys in Outer Space TV Series released in 1996.

Man in Chase's Hotel Room in L.A. Heat TV Series released in 1996.

Rene Gillette in The Antagonists TV Series released in 1991.

Steve 4X in The Flash TV Series released in 1990.

Dr. Jehosophat Tongue in TURN TV Series released in 2014.

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