Which roles are played by Joseph Runningfox | Characters played by Joseph Runningfox

Joseph Runningfox has played the role of Amos Whistler in A Thief of Time TV Film released in 2004.

Samuel Joseph in Blood Red Film released in 1989.

Geronimo in Geronimo TV Film released in 1993.

Ishi - as Teenager in Ishi: The Last of His Tribe TV Film released in 1978.

Leonard Crow Dog in Lakota Woman: Siege at Wounded Knee TV Film released in 1994.

Uncle Rob in Mascots Film released in 2011.

John Henry in Porky's II: The Next Day Film released in 1983.

George in Ravenous Film released in 1999.

Iroquois Indian in Revolution Film released in 1985.

Chumash Elder in Rites of Passage Film released in 2012.

Grey Wolf in Savaged Film released in 2013.

Thomas in Seems Like Old Times Film released in 1980.

Militant Indian in Sky Film released in 2016.

Pablo in The Avenging Film released in 1982.

Toby Coldcreek in To Save a Child TV Film released in 1991.

Tse in Without a Shadow Film released in 2012.

Wanchese in American Playhouse TV Series released in 1981.

Joshua Wanaka in Quincy M.E. TV Series released in 1976.

American Indian in Santa Barbara TV Series released in 1984.

Elder Indian Man in Sons of Anarchy TV Series released in 2008.

Proud Eagle in St. Elsewhere TV Series released in 1982.

John Little Horse in The Untouchables TV Series released in 1993.

Black Wolf - Sioux Brave in The Young Riders TV Series released in 1989.

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