Which roles are played by Justin Marshall (I) Elias | Characters played by Justin Marshall (I) Elias

Justin Marshall (I) Elias has played the role of Josh in Breaking Through Film released in 2014.

The Detective in Danger, Dames & Dangerous Games Film released in 2012.

Justin in Deferred Pay Receptionist Film released in 2013.

Harry Potter in Drunk Harry Potter Film released in 2013.

Aldus in Old Sodbury Film released in 2013.

Pumpkin Spice Fanatic in Pumpkin Spiced Feelings Film released in 2013.

Mo in Puppet Theory Film released in 2012.

Drew in Qwerty Film released in 2013.

Melissa's Husband in Seekers Film released in 2013.

Creature/T.V. Reporter in Shreds of Humanity Video released in 2009.

Justin in Slash Slash Bang Film released in 2014.

Ryan in Sleepyhead Film released in 2010.

Ricky in The Adventures of Avery & Pete Film released in 2015.

Shawn in The Backslide Film released in 2015.

Party Goer in thinking aHEAD Film released in 2011.

Terrance in Thursday the 12th Film released in 2013.

Reynaldo Reymundo Llamas in David and the Psychiatrist TV Series released in 2012.

Justin in The Vault TV Series released in 2011.

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