Which roles are played by Karen Kruper | Characters played by Karen Kruper

Karen Kruper has played the role of Susan Patterston in A Bride for Christmas TV Film released in 2012.

Justin's Mom in Alien Agenda: Project Grey Film released in 2007.

Dina Ballantine in Christmas Bounty TV Film released in 2013.

Producer Gail in Circumference Film released in 2006.

Parent of Clone in Cloned TV Film released in 1997.

Grace McCoy in Confessions of a Go-Go Girl TV Film released in 2008.

Mom in Dark Room Film released in 2005.

Aunt Jessie Mae in Fake Film released in 2015.

Nurse in Far from Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog Film released in 1995.

Linda in Human Resources Film released in 2007.

Dr. Winn in My Neighbor's Keeper TV Film released in 2007.

Drew's Mom in Scary Movie Film released in 2000.

Robin Rail in The Estates Film released in 2010.

Sally Van Horn in The Man from Jalisco Film released in 2010.

Caterer in Their Second Chance TV Film released in 1997.

Kathleen Ford in Therapy Required Film released in 2015.

Sharon Pawlachuck in Cold Squad TV Series released in 1998.

Mayor in Continuum Film released in 2012.

Sam's Mother in Exes & Ohs TV Series released in 2006.

Mrs. Petey in Millennium Film released in 1996.

Carla Rafferty in Painkiller Jane TV Series released in 2007.

Ms. Bodansky in Psych TV Series released in 2006.

Sara Alcott Brown in Supernatural TV Series released in 2005.

Leslie in The Guard TV Series released in 2008.

Lorraine in The L Word TV Series released in 2004.

FBI Female Tech in The X Files TV Series released in 1993.

Judge in Whistler TV Series released in 2006.

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