Which roles are played by Karla Droege | Characters played by Karla Droege

Karla Droege has played the role of Peggy in A Conspiracy Film released in 2003.

Ed's Mother in Big Fish Film released in 2003.

Jessica Reilly in Blood Bath Video released in 2002.

Trish Davis in Blood Ties Film released in 2007.

Ms. Bouquet in Bloom Film released in 2008.

Savannah's Mom in Chasing Hayes Film released in 2015.

Lucy Bryant in Crystal River Film released in 2008.

Marianne Shore in Dark Remains Film released in 2005.

Herself in Dark Remnants: Behind-the-Scenes of 'Dark Remains' Video released in 2006.

Heather in Invisible Kitchen Film released in 2001.

Janice Morgan in Last Goodbye Film released in 2004.

Woman in pit in Malignant Film released in 2013.

Nikki in Me & You, Us, Forever Film released in 2008.

Frederique in On Dragon's Wings Film released in 2012.

Liz Smith in Return of the Jackalope Film released in 2006.

Dawn in Sorry, Right Number Film released in 2005.

Older Judah in Stop Traffick Film released in 2013.

Mom in Tangled Web Film released in 2002.

Candi in The Last Adam Film released in 2006.

Hospital Kitchen Staff #2 in The Other Side Film released in 2006.

Mom in Two Houses Film released in 2015.

Plaintiff Mother in Drop Dead Diva TV Series released in 2009.

Pat Green's Wife in Foxworthy's Big Night Out TV Series released in 2006.

Lisa Brinn in Grey's Anatomy TV Series released in 2005.

Mother in House M.D. TV Series released in 2004.

Marion Cavanaugh in Pretty Little Liars TV Series released in 2010.

Woman in Rizzoli & Isles TV Series released in 2010.

High School Teacher (2006) in Road Trip TV Series released in 2006.

Claudia Noels in The Young and the Restless TV Series released in 1973.

Lineria in Witch Hunters Extraordinaire TV Series released in 2002.

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