Which roles are played by Kathleen S. Dunn | Characters played by Kathleen S. Dunn

Kathleen S. Dunn has played the role of News Director in Cold Intelligence Film released in 2004.

Sister in Eternal Embrace Film released in 2000.

Jillian Blair in Fish Film released in 2001.

Helen in Pumpkin Hill Film released in 1999.

Wendy Trout in The Joyriders Film released in 1999.

Ted-Nick Secretary in The Little Death Film released in 1996.

Doris in The United States of Leland Film released in 2003.

Woman in Water in Titanic Film released in 1997.

Commercial Mother in Desperate Housewives TV Series released in 2004.

Donna in Gideon's Crossing TV Series released in 2000.

Counselor in The Bold and the Beautiful TV Series released in 1987.

Which roles are played by Kathleen S. Dunn, name the characters played by Kathleen S. Dunn, list of roles potrayed by Kathleen S. Dunn

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