Which roles are played by Kurt Paul | Characters played by Kurt Paul

Kurt Paul has played the role of Detective Garvin in A Passion TV Film released in 2001.

Deputy Harlan Banks in Alien Species Film released in 1996.

Norman Bates in Bates Motel TV Film released in 1987.

Cab Driver in Fugitive X: Innocent Target TV Film released in 1996.

Bartender in Galaxy Beat TV Film released in 1994.

Raymond Linette in Psycho IV: The Beginning TV Film released in 1990.

Himself in Sledgefest! Film released in 2010.

Sherrif Tillam in Supernatural TV Film released in 2005.

Sheriff in The Bike Squad Film released in 2005.

Mr. Jenson in The Confessional Film released in 2009.

Paul Bearer in The Ghost Writer TV Film released in 1990.

Himself in The Psycho Legacy Video released in 2010.

Norman Baines in Knight Rider TV Series released in 1982.

Coroner Norman Blates in Sledge Hammer! TV Series released in 1986.

Romulan in Star Trek: The Next Generation TV Series released in 1987.

Intern in The A-Team TV Series released in 1983.

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