Which roles are played by Leslie Maine | Characters played by Leslie Maine

Leslie Maine has played the role of FBI Agent in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Jr. TV Film released in 2009.

Sara in Alone Film released in 2010.

Olivia in Big Mike TV Film released in 2011.

Mom in Childish Dream Tales: The Mess Up Room Film released in 2013.

Nurse in Chu and Blossom Film released in 2014.

Sophie in One Minute People Film released in 2010.

Vanessa's Attorney in Sisters Film released in 2014.

Katrina in The Dead Walk Film released in 2008.

Lexi in The Evening Room Film released in 2011.

Sanaa in Two in the Bush Film released in 2009.

Staff Sergeant Lauren Temple in Army Wives TV Series released in 2007.

Nurse in Dr. G: Medical Examiner TV Series released in 2004.

Lab Tech in SeaQuest DSV TV Series released in 1993.

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