Which roles are played by Lillie Claire | Characters played by Lillie Claire

Lillie Claire has played the role of Deborah Caldwell in Angel of the Skies Film released in 2013.

Mallory Costello in Becoming Mr. Buyer Film released in 2015.

Herself in Behind Palm Swings Video released in 2015.

Layla in Empty with Purpose Film released in 2013.

Girl Across the Street in From the Outside Looking In Film released in 2014.

Catherin in Give Me More Film released in 2014.

Helen in I Don't Film released in 2014.

Kate in It's Not About Kate Film released in 2015.

Mary in Last Days of Eden Film released in 2013.

She in Lipstick Video released in 2009.

Woman in Out of the Mold Film released in 2014.

Emily in Palm Swings Film released in 2015.

Woman in Court in Suing the Devil Film released in 2011.

Annie in The Box Film released in 2014.

Sky in The Refugees Film released in 0.

Herself in Actors Entertainment TV Series released in 2009.

Librarian in Supernatural TV Series released in 2005.

Evelyne (2013) in We Are Angels TV Series released in 2014.

Which roles are played by Lillie Claire, name the characters played by Lillie Claire, list of roles potrayed by Lillie Claire

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