Which roles are played by Lilly McDowell | Characters played by Lilly McDowell

Lilly McDowell has played the role of Servant in 2103: The Deadly Wake Film released in 1997.

Dana in Just in Case Film released in 2009.

B1 in Keepin' It Real Estate Video released in 2011.

Lingerie Salesgirl in Made of Honor Film released in 2008.

Mrs. Payton in Mischief Night Film released in 2014.

Herself in O Lucky Malcolm! Film released in 2006.

Evelyn Scott in Pound of Flesh Film released in 2010.

Boardroom Presenter in Squeegees TV Film released in 2008.

Jane Douglas in Suing the Devil Film released in 2011.

Shaw's Aide in The Manchurian Candidate Film released in 2004.

Sgt. Weiss in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation TV Series released in 2000.

Dean's Assistant Kelley in Curb Your Enthusiasm TV Series released in 1999.

Krista in Over There TV Series released in 2005.

Katey Petrie in Sons of Anarchy TV Series released in 2008.

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