Which roles are played by Lorenzo Beronilla | Characters played by Lorenzo Beronilla

Lorenzo Beronilla has played the role of Mission Control Tech. in Ad Inexplorata Film released in 2015.

The Colonel in Angsty Dawn Film released in 2014.

Jake Feng in Enlightenments Film released in 2014.

Hipster in Hits Film released in 2014.

Photographer in I Dream Too Much Film released in 2015.

Bhutan Representative in Jinrui shikin Film released in 2013.

Painter in Katie Fforde: Sommer der Wahrheit TV Film released in 2012.

Sky Captain in Non-Stop Film released in 2014.

Union Square Shopper in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Film released in 2014.

Blackjack Player 1 in The Final Table Film released in 2015.

Pedestrian in The Normal Heart TV Film released in 2014.

Broker in The Other Woman Film released in 2014.

Cafeteria worker in The Outskirts Film released in 2015.

Fancy Restaurant Patron in The Ticket Film released in 2015.

Nurse Saul in Wait, Wait, Don't Kill Me Film released in 2015.

Town Laborer in We Are What We Are Film released in 2013.

Detective Takouta in When It Goes Wrong TV Film released in 0.

Malaysian Gang Member in Blue Bloods TV Series released in 2010.

Millionaire Guest in Louie TV Series released in 2010.

Doctor/Nurse in Monsters Inside Me TV Series released in 2009.

Ranch Hand/Indian Chief in Monumental Mysteries TV Series released in 2013.

Hispanic Chef in Orange Is the New Black TV Series released in 2013.

Photographer in Small Miracles TV Series released in 2014.

Dead Chef Taro Yamato in Unforgettable TV Series released in 2011.

Sushi Chef in Unforgettable TV Series released in 2011.

Press in Untitled HBO/Rock 'N' Roll Project TV Series released in 2015.

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