Which roles are played by Lucina Paquet | Characters played by Lucina Paquet

Lucina Paquet has played the role of Mrs. Goldman in Blink Film released in 1994.

Mrs. Sawyer in Children on Their Birthdays Film released in 2002.

Flat Tire Lady in Groundhog Day Film released in 1993.

Kimmy's Grandma in My Best Friend's Wedding Film released in 1997.

Mrs. Langston in Novocaine Film released in 2001.

Dancing Woman in Prelude to a Kiss Film released in 1992.

Granny in The Redemption Film released in 2000.

Mrs. Ogelsby in The Wendell Baker Story Film released in 2005.

Little Old Lady in Cupid TV Series released in 1998.

Bella in Early Edition TV Series released in 1996.

Dorothy Leon in Missing Persons TV Series released in 1993.

Which roles are played by Lucina Paquet, name the characters played by Lucina Paquet, list of roles potrayed by Lucina Paquet

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