Which roles are played by Marcio Catalano | Characters played by Marcio Catalano

Marcio Catalano has played the role of James in Dichotomy Film released in 2009.

James in Dichotomy Film released in 2010.

Gabrio Ugarte in Down and Dangerous Film released in 2013.

Silas in Man II Man Film released in 2007.

Lucky in My Big Fat Fake Hollywood Life Film released in 0.

Ornias in Ordinary Angels Film released in 2007.

Punch in Punch Film released in 2009.

Edward in Sour Apple Freeze Pop Film released in 2000.

Dorian in The Dumb American Film released in 2016.

Kent in Life on Top TV Series released in 2009.

Male Porn Star in Sons of Anarchy TV Series released in 2008.

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