Which roles are played by Mathias Retamal | Characters played by Mathias Retamal

Mathias Retamal has played the role of Funeral Attendee in After Film School Film released in 2014.

Greasy Man in Dia De Los Muertos Film released in 2013.

Goldtooth in El Gigante Film released in 2015.

Matador in El Matador Film released in 2013.

Greasy Men in Feliz Cumplea�os Film released in 2015.

John Simon in John Simon Film released in 2013.

Greasy Man (segment "D?a de los Muertos") in M�xico B�rbaro Film released in 2014.

Agent Mike in Operation: Central Film released in 2015.

Tattooed Hispanic in Vendetta Film released in 2015.

Greasy Men (segment "Feliz Cumplea?os") in WiH Massive Blood Drive PSA 2015 Film released in 2015.

Halcones Gang Member in Arrow TV Series released in 2012.

Juvenal in Intruders TV Series released in 2014.

Minion #2 in Supernatural TV Series released in 2005.

Mark Menendez in The Tomorrow People TV Series released in 2013.

Josh in Untold Stories of the ER TV Series released in 2004.

Which roles are played by Mathias Retamal, name the characters played by Mathias Retamal, list of roles potrayed by Mathias Retamal

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