Which roles are played by Matt (IV) Butcher | Characters played by Matt (IV) Butcher

Matt (IV) Butcher has played the role of Wedding Guest in A Few Best Men Film released in 2011.

Courtroom Observer in About Time Film released in 2013.

Mr. Wimple in Ad Nauseam Film released in 2014.

Laurence Palmer in All Good Things Film released in 2013.

Bookie in Australian Enemy Film released in 2012.

Dave Ramsbottom in Black Pudding: An Olympic Bloodsport Film released in 2012.

McEvoy's Partner in BlackJack: Ghosts TV Film released in 2007.

Police Inspector in Brash Young Turks Film released in 2015.

Funeral Director in Careless Love Film released in 2012.

Jennifer's husband in Coincidence Film released in 2011.

Callaghan in Crime Plays Film released in 2013.

Minister in D.C. Film released in 2004.

TV Reporter in G.O.D.Tech Film released in 2015.

Emergency Room Doctor in Gene-X Film released in 2006.

Arthur Conan Doyle in Lords of Magic Film released in 0.

Warren in Mirabilis Film released in 2011.

Jekel in Mothership Film released in 2013.

Brian White in Next Door to the Velinsky's Film released in 2011.

Person in Queue in One of Those Days Film released in 2008.

Journalist in Scorched TV Film released in 2008.

Rick in The Gift Film released in 2010.

Pub patron in The Telegram Man Film released in 2011.

German Private in The Tomb Film released in 2007.

Businessman in The Witching Hour Film released in 2015.

Zach in Theatre of the Dead Film released in 2013.

Hospital Visitor in Welcome to the Punch Film released in 2013.

Theatre audience member in Will's Diaries Film released in 2010.

German Scout in Australia: The Story of Us TV Series released in 2014.

Acting Coach in Beached Az TV Series released in 2009.

Butler in Behind Mansion Walls TV Series released in 2011.

Fashion Buyer (2011) in Bondi Hipsters TV Series released in 2011.

Uncle John in Deadly Women TV Series released in 2008.

Prosecutor Hosea Knowlton in Deadly Women: Lady of Blood TV Series released in 2014.

Courtroom Observer in Devil's Dust TV Series released in 2012.

CIU Officer 2 in East West 101 TV Series released in 2007.

Riverrun Nobleman in Game of Thrones TV Series released in 2011.

Incident Room Officer in Girl Number 9 TV Series released in 2009.

Funeral Mourner in Review with Myles Barlow TV Series released in 2008.

Detective Ruse in The Suspects TV Series released in 2010.

Customer in Underbelly TV Series released in 2008.

Himself in Wild Africa Goes Hi-Tech TV Series released in 2010.

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