Which roles are played by Matthew Sim | Characters played by Matthew Sim

Matthew Sim has played the role of Mark in 1234 Film released in 2008.

Royal Gardener #2 in Alice in Wonderland TV Film released in 1999.

Gandhi in All Fried Up Film released in 2010.

The Boy in An Englishman Abroad TV Film released in 1983.

Charles Braga in Ancient Warriors Film released in 2003.

Tramp in Bucco Blanco Film released in 2009.

Grey in Enemy of England Film released in 2015.

Prisoner #1 in In the Beginning TV Film released in 2000.

Paris Vampire in Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles Film released in 1994.

Dr. Franz in Kill Mode Film released in 2015.

Macky in Laws of Motion Film released in 2001.

Simon in Leningrad Film released in 2003.

Hugo in Lionheart Film released in 1987.

Featherstonhaugh in Maurice Film released in 1987.

Lord Francis Vere in Orlando Film released in 1992.

Assistant Hairdresser in Revolution Film released in 1985.

Inmate in Scum Film released in 1979.

Landlord/Jeremy in She Stoops to Conquer Video released in 2003.

Theatre Page in The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Espionage Escapades Video released in 2007.

Ticket seller in The Emperor's New Clothes Film released in 2001.

Crippled Man in The Hunchback TV Film released in 1997.

Man in Bowler Hat in The Public Benefits Film released in 2011.

Soothsayer in The Ten Commandments TV Film released in 2006.

Death in The Visit Film released in 2010.

Alphabet Guy in Trent 2 Rent Film released in 2008.

Real Lesley in Without a Clue Film released in 1988.

Scorpio Murtlock in A Dance to the Music of Time TV Series released in 1997.

Mowbray in Clarissa TV Series released in 1991.

Robot 20 in Galloping Galaxies! TV Series released in 1985.

Joseph Montgoflier in Let Them Eat Cake TV Series released in 1999.

Graham in Lovejoy TV Series released in 1986.

Fever Patient in Middlemarch TV Series released in 1994.

Derek in Sinchronicity TV Series released in 2006.

Greg Collinshaw in The Bill TV Series released in 1984.

Kevin Boswell in The Bill TV Series released in 1984.

Stubbs in The Bill TV Series released in 1984.

Paul in The Other Wife TV Series released in 2012.

Theatre Page in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles TV Series released in 1992.

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