Which roles are played by Max (I) Brandt | Characters played by Max (I) Brandt

Max (I) Brandt has played the role of German Professor in After the Fall TV Film released in 1974.

Store Clerk in Born to Win Film released in 1971.

2. Stationsvorsteher in Ein Zug nach Manhattan TV Film released in 1981.

Desk Clerk in Frankenhooker Film released in 1990.

J?discher Junge 2 in Reise ohne Wiederkehr Film released in 1991.

Pop in Romeo & Julia Film released in 1992.

Extra in Furniture-Moving Scene in The Godfather Film released in 1972.

Extra in The Godfather Trilogy: 1901-1980 Video released in 1992.

Mr. Rokitansky in The House of God Film released in 1984.

Strip Club Patron in Whore 2 Film released in 1994.

Mitchell Friedman in Absolutely Fabulous TV Series released in 1992.

Extra in The Godfather: A Novel for Television TV Series released in 1977.

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