Which roles are played by Michael Bentt | Characters played by Michael Bentt

Michael Bentt has played the role of Himself in A Fighting Chance Film released in 2012.

Sonny Liston in Ali Film released in 2001.

Supreme in Black People Hate Me and They Hate My Glasses Film released in 2000.

Cab Driver in Blackhat Film released in 2015.

Mr. Parker in Blue Film released in 2009.

Fever Bouncer in Collateral Film released in 2004.

Officer Clay in Dark Blue Film released in 2002.

Loc N Load in El padrino Film released in 2004.

Mosley in Fighting Tommy Riley Film released in 2004.

Sergeant Willis in Final Sale Film released in 2011.

Fight Pro in Girlfight Film released in 2000.

Club Security Guard in Hollywood Homicide Film released in 2003.

Boxer in Million Dollar Baby Film released in 2004.

David in Niche Film released in 2002.

Herbert Youngblood in Public Enemies Film released in 2009.

Peanut in Redemption Film released in 2009.

Jules in Saving Little Italy Film released in 0.

Himself in Shadow Boxers Film released in 1999.

Biggis (El Plaga) in State Property 2 Film released in 2005.

Officer Raymond Walker in Supremacy Film released in 2011.

Stan in The Championship Rounds Film released in 2013.

L.A. Sheriff in The Neighbor Film released in 2007.

Viktor in Firefly TV Series released in 2002.

Himself in HBO First Look TV Series released in 1992.

Joseph Hanratty in Heartland Film released in 2007.

Chief Master at Arms in JAG TV Series released in 1995.

Det. Resendez in Lincoln Heights TV Series released in 2006.

Guard #2 in Medium TV Series released in 2005.

Calvin Tranier in Robbery Homicide Division TV Series released in 2002.

Boxer in Saturday Night Live TV Series released in 1975.

Dion in Sons of Anarchy TV Series released in 2008.

Charles Lambert in The Guardian TV Series released in 2001.

Prison Guard in The Invisible Man TV Series released in 2000.

Detective in Threshold TV Series released in 2005.

Officer #1 in Threshold TV Series released in 2005.

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