Which roles are played by Michelle (I) Mann | Characters played by Michelle (I) Mann

Michelle (I) Mann has played the role of Loretta in Black Dahlia Film released in 1998.

Susan in Blue Lake Massacre Film released in 2007.

Dr. Catherine Frye in Day of Redemption Film released in 2004.

Nelson's Chef in Fast Getaway II Video released in 1994.

Warped Cannibal BBQ Goers and Dead Kids in Punk Rock Holocaust Video released in 2004.

Laura in Switched at Birth TV Film released in 1991.

Party Guest in The Parasite Film released in 1997.

Charolette in China Beach TV Series released in 1988.

Tillie in Mama's Family TV Series released in 1983.

Chris in What a Dummy TV Series released in 1990.

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