Which roles are played by Monette Malroux | Characters played by Monette Malroux

Monette Malroux has played the role of Jumelle salle d'attente in Ah! La libido Film released in 2009.

Soeur Pinsec #2 in Albert est m�chant Film released in 2004.

Party Guest in Atropa Belladonna Film released in 2009.

L'autre jumelle qui sort du magasin in L'homme sans t�te Film released in 2003.

Les jumelles in Le fabuleux destin d'Am�lie Poulain Film released in 2001.

Herself in Phelps l'homme sans t�te - Making of Video released in 2004.

Femme anti-avortement 2 in L'�tat de Grace TV Series released in 2006.

Which roles are played by Monette Malroux, name the characters played by Monette Malroux, list of roles potrayed by Monette Malroux

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