Which roles are played by Morten Kublick | Characters played by Morten Kublick

Morten Kublick has played the role of Gang Members - Max in Angel-Dust Film released in 2009.

John T. Rex in Bloodbath Film released in 2007.

John Patrick Mason in Born to Fight 2008 Film released in 2008.

Captain Stanley in French Bomber Detective Film released in 2006.

Worker in Morning Suicide Film released in 2000.

Rocky Balboa in Pit Fighters Film released in 2008.

John McClane in Rip Off Church Film released in 2007.

Bodybuilder in See Arnold Run TV Film released in 2005.

SWAV Egg Soldier in Spicy Mac Project Film released in 2009.

Max Diesel in The Fear Despair Film released in 2007.

Man in the mirror in The Harsh Life of Veronica Lambert Film released in 2009.

SWAT Team Member in Tripping Forward Film released in 2009.

Saint Athanasius (2005) in The Saints Speak TV Series released in 2005.

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