Which roles are played by Nadejda Klein | Characters played by Nadejda Klein

Nadejda Klein has played the role of Herself in Dad Made Dirty Movies Film released in 2012.

Maria in Five Days from Home Film released in 1978.

Bailandera in Hittin' the Bricks Film released in 2009.

Bailandera in Hitting the Bricks Film released in 2008.

Press Attendee in Mega Python vs. Gatoroid TV Film released in 2011.

Donna the Dressmaker in One Hell of a Guy Film released in 2000.

Slave Dance in Orgy of the Dead Film released in 1965.

Dancer in S.O.B. Film released in 1981.

Third Dream Girl in The Bachelor's Dreams Film released in 1967.

Waitress in The Editor: A Man I Despise Film released in 2008.

Party Guest in The Last Married Couple in America Film released in 1980.

Mother in The Story of O: Untold Pleasures Film released in 2002.

Woman at Spa in Flying High TV Series released in 1978.

1st Nurse in The Incredible Hulk TV Series released in 1978.

Israeli Diplomat in Today's F.B.I. TV Series released in 1981.

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