Which roles are played by Nakul Vaid | Characters played by Nakul Vaid

Nakul Vaid has played the role of Sub-Inspector Jatin Shukla in Ab Tak Chhappan Film released in 2004.

Rakesh in Chak De! India Film released in 2007.

Rajeev in Dabba Film released in 2013.

Adil in Happi Film released in 2010.

Mohandas in Mohandas Film released in 2009.

Shekhar in Psycho Film released in 2013.

Captain Akshay M. Kapoor in With Luv... Tumhaara Film released in 2006.

Mohan Bhardwaj in Yatra Film released in 2006.

Aditya in Sukanya TV Series released in 1998.

Which roles are played by Nakul Vaid, name the characters played by Nakul Vaid, list of roles potrayed by Nakul Vaid

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