Which roles are played by Ned (I) Davenport | Characters played by Ned (I) Davenport

Ned (I) Davenport has played the role of Regent Guard in At Sword's Point Film released in 1952.

Emma's First Coachman in Fireman Save My Child Film released in 1954.

Townsman in Giant from the Unknown Film released in 1958.

Jewel Collector at Bazaar in Gone with the Wind Film released in 1939.

Man in It Came from Outer Space Film released in 1953.

Bank Clerk in Montana Belle Film released in 1952.

Minor Role in Playgirl Film released in 1954.

Policeman #2 in Storm Warning Film released in 1951.

Blunt in The Lawless Breed Film released in 1953.

Priest in 'Joan of Arc' in The Miracle of the Bells Film released in 1948.

Frank Sawyer in Hopalong Cassidy TV Series released in 1952.

Which roles are played by Ned (I) Davenport, name the characters played by Ned (I) Davenport, list of roles potrayed by Ned (I) Davenport

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