Which roles are played by Nikolai Karnaukhov | Characters played by Nikolai Karnaukhov

Nikolai Karnaukhov has played the role of Old man in Deti chugunnykh bogov Film released in 1993.

Balandin in Dve ulybki Film released in 1970.

Servant in Formula lyubvi TV Film released in 1984.

Trainer in Gde-to plachet ivolga... Film released in 1982.

Personnel department employee in Kuryer Film released in 1987.

Avtandil Avtandilovich in Malenkiy gigant bolshogo seksa Film released in 1993.

Bit part in Mesto ubiytsy vakantno... Film released in 1990.

Preferansov in Nervy... Nervy... Film released in 1972.

Batman in Poyedinok Film released in 1957.

Kram in Shag s kryshi Film released in 1970.

Grigoriy Kuzmich in Shantazhist Film released in 1987.

Air balloon salesman in Tri tolstyaka Film released in 1966.

Philipp - Petruchio's Servant in Ukroshchenie stroptivoy TV Film released in 1961.

Gunjkin in Vam chto, nasha vlast ne nravitsya?! Film released in 1989.

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