Which roles are played by Norman Wooland | Characters played by Norman Wooland

Norman Wooland has played the role of Nat Hearn in All Over the Town Film released in 1949.

Brutus Smith in An Honourable Murder Film released in 1960.

Bill Ogden in Background Film released in 1953.

Rufio in Barabbas Film released in 1961.

Minister in Escape Film released in 1948.

Horatio in 1948 "Hamlet" in Great Acting: Laurence Olivier TV Film released in 1966.

Horatio - His Friend in Hamlet Film released in 1948.

Horatio in Hamlet Revisited: Approaches to Hamlet TV Film released in 1970.

Team Doctor in International Velvet Film released in 1978.

King Richard in Ivanhoe Film released in 1952.

Pelton in Je plaide non coupable Film released in 1956.

Counsel for the Crown in Life for Ruth Film released in 1962.

Ashley Morehouse in Look Before You Love Film released in 1948.

William Minnoch in Madeleine Film released in 1950.

Dr. Ballantyne in Masters of Venus Film released in 1962.

Hugh Manning in My Teenage Daughter Film released in 1956.

Roy Lewis in Night Train for Inverness Film released in 1960.

Insp. Harris in No Road Back Film released in 1957.

Nerva in Quo Vadis Film released in 1951.

Catesby in Richard III Film released in 1955.

Paris in Romeo and Juliet Film released in 1954.

King Saul in Saul e David Film released in 1964.

Prince Rudolf in The Angel with the Trumpet Film released in 1950.

Maj. Crowley in The Bandit of Zhobe Film released in 1959.

Virgilianus in The Fall of the Roman Empire Film released in 1964.

Sir John Perrott in The Fighting Prince of Donegal Film released in 1966.

Lodge Keeper in The Five Pound Man Film released in 1937.

Inspector Kingcombe in The Flesh Is Weak Film released in 1957.

Group Captain in The Guns of Navarone Film released in 1961.

Col. Mark Cleaver in The Master Plan Film released in 1955.

Dr. L.G. Blanchard in The Projected Man Film released in 1966.

Inspector Bliss in The Ringer Film released in 1952.

David Fraser in The Rough and the Smooth Film released in 1959.

Commentator in The Way to the Sea Film released in 1936.

Rev. Clement Mercer in When We Are Married TV Film released in 1938.

Major Fitzgerald in All for Love TV Series released in 1982.

Cast member 'The Island of Cipango' in BBC Sunday-Night Theatre TV Series released in 1950.

Koralin in Callan TV Series released in 1967.

Simon Maxie in Cover Her Face TV Series released in 1985.

Joseph Coleman in Diamonds TV Series released in 1981.

Dr. Mark Willoughby in Five Names for Johnny TV Series released in 1957.

Dr. de Krusco in Kate TV Series released in 1970.

Tim Featherstone in Play for Today TV Series released in 1970.

Reginald Musgrave in Sherlock Holmes TV Series released in 1964.

Melville Lang Esq. QC in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle TV Series released in 1967.

Sparkleigh in Softly Softly TV Series released in 1966.

Dr. Wheelan in Sorrell and Son TV Series released in 1984.

Moffitt's Father in The Rat Patrol TV Series released in 1966.

Charles Watersafe in Trial TV Series released in 1971.

Himself - Compere in Variety TV Series released in 1936.

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