Which roles are played by Olga Edwardes | Characters played by Olga Edwardes

Olga Edwardes has played the role of Celia Harland in At the Villa Rose TV Film released in 1948.

Christine Shaw in Black Orchid Film released in 1953.

Cleopatra's Lady Attendant in Caesar and Cleopatra Film released in 1945.

Mrs. Abo in Contraband Film released in 1940.

Sorel Bliss in Hay Fever TV Film released in 1938.

Louise Rogers in I Killed the Count TV Film released in 1948.

Sarah French in October Horizon TV Film released in 1950.

Fred's Wife in Scrooge Film released in 1951.

Monica Alt in The Angel with the Trumpet Film released in 1950.

Lucy Webster in The Dominant Sex Film released in 1937.

Undetermined Role in The Man Who Could Work Miracles Film released in 1936.

Fay Eaton in The Middle Watch TV Film released in 1948.

Christina Frazer in The Six Men Film released in 1951.

Gerda in The Young Idea TV Film released in 1939.

Vera in BBC Sunday-Night Theatre TV Series released in 1950.

Irene Adler in Sherlock Holmes TV Series released in 1951.

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