Which roles are played by Oscar Polk | Characters played by Oscar Polk

Oscar Polk has played the role of Arthur, Harlem Numbers Man in Big Town Czar Film released in 1939.

Man in Jail in Birth of the Blues Film released in 1941.

The Deacon/Fleetfoot in Cabin in the Sky Film released in 1943.

Pork - House Servant in Gone with the Wind Film released in 1939.

Lazy Bones in It's a Great Life Film released in 1935.

Janitor in Out of the Inkwell Film released in 1938.

Salt Meat in Reap the Wild Wind Film released in 1942.

Gabriel in The Green Pastures Film released in 1936.

Himself - Cast Member in 'Gone with the Wind' in The Making of a Legend: Gone with the Wind TV Film released in 1988.

Blakely in The Notorious Elinor Lee Film released in 1940.

Sam Brown in Underworld Film released in 1937.

Umeela in White Cargo Film released in 1942.

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