Which roles are played by Owen Kwong | Characters played by Owen Kwong

Owen Kwong has played the role of Steve in Breaking the Rules Film released in 2014.

Renjiro in Broken Sword: Shadow of the Blade Film released in 2012.

Chu in Crimson Defender vs. The Slightly Racist Family Film released in 2015.

Lieutenant Ng in Dai M siu dui Film released in 2009.

Asian Guy 1 in Footsteps Into Gangland Film released in 2011.

Michael in Misplaced Film released in 2009.

Kenny Wu in Next Like Film released in 2014.

Paramedic in Seattle Superstorm TV Film released in 2012.

Asian Guy #3 in Alcatraz TV Series released in 2012.

Dark Archer in Arrow TV Series released in 2012.

Tac Team Guy #1 in Covert Affairs TV Series released in 2010.

Proteus Security Guard (2012) in Dark Universe TV Series released in 0.

Proteus Security Guard in Eve of Destruction Film released in 2013.

EMT in Fringe TV Series released in 2008.

Lucky's Cousin #1 in The Jim TV Series released in 2010.

Which roles are played by Owen Kwong, name the characters played by Owen Kwong, list of roles potrayed by Owen Kwong

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