Which roles are played by Patrick (I) Gallo | Characters played by Patrick (I) Gallo

Patrick (I) Gallo has played the role of Patrick in Action Auto TV Film released in 2009.

Dress Salesman in American Wedding Film released in 2003.

Patrick in Checkmate Film released in 2009.

Humiliating Ruffian in Henry David Thoreau: Role Model Film released in 2001.

Symon Provenzano in I Don't Speak German Film released in 2006.

Dan in I Love You Like Crazy Film released in 2011.

Officer Nick Senna in I'll Believe You Film released in 2006.

Detective Vioni in Knowing Film released in 2008.

ADR Guy in Leo Film released in 2007.

Taxi Driver in Malibooty! Video released in 2003.

Fletcher P. Mazzola in Pearblossom Highway Film released in 2006.

Himself in Perfect Imperfection Film released in 2009.

Patrick in Phone Calls Film released in 2000.

Jacky in Rabble Boys Film released in 1996.

Symon in Symon: A Self-Portrait Film released in 2003.

Pete Bodyguard #3 in The Comedy Team of Pete & James Film released in 2001.

Lou Bagetta in The Deposition of Lou Bagetta Film released in 2009.

Patrick the Thug in Thugs Film released in 2000.

Harold Sutton in What It Is Film released in 2011.

Franco in Boardwalk Empire TV Series released in 2010.

Fisherman #1 in Charmed TV Series released in 1998.

Anthony DeSica (1964) in Cold Case TV Series released in 2003.

Rudolph Massey in ER TV Series released in 1994.

Bob in Grounded for Life TV Series released in 2001.

Tom 'The Hammer' Stern (2008) in Hollywood Residential TV Series released in 2008.

Chico in Huff TV Series released in 2004.

Roy Pardee in NYPD Blue TV Series released in 1993.

Lou in Oliver Beene TV Series released in 2003.

Tequila Guy in Reno 911! TV Series released in 2003.

Angry Bettor in Reno 911! TV Series released in 2003.

Frederic Talifero in Taxi Brooklyn TV Series released in 2014.

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