Which roles are played by Patrick (I) Gibbs | Characters played by Patrick (I) Gibbs

Patrick (I) Gibbs has played the role of Willis in 19:21 Film released in 2014.

Grant in About Me Film released in 2015.

Himself/Interviewee - Actor in Best Worst Movie Film released in 2009.

Criminal in Forever Strong Film released in 2008.

Stuart in Ground Zero Film released in 2010.

Josef Gruber in Lancaster Vice Video released in 2007.

Mark Caiman in Manic City: The Blue Streak Legacy Film released in 2010.

The Doctor in Social Anxiety Film released in 2012.

Yuri Sonnovavich in The Basket Case Film released in 2006.

Dr. Stanley Milgram in The Milgram Experiment Film released in 2009.

Goblin in Troll 2 Film released in 1990.

Forensics Detective in Waiting for Forever Film released in 2010.

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