Which roles are played by Paul (I) Birchard | Characters played by Paul (I) Birchard

Paul (I) Birchard has played the role of Mr. Innkeeper in 1408 Film released in 2007.

Littelbaum in A Line in the Sand TV Film released in 2004.

Frank in Alabama Film released in 1990.

Senior TV Exec in Alien Autopsy Film released in 2006.

Chuck Sarabyn in Assault on Waco TV Film released in 2006.

Another Reporter in Batman Film released in 1989.

Martelli in Battlestar Galactica: By Your Command Video released in 2008.

Covert Ops Man and Newscaster Voiceovers in Blink Film released in 2013.

Nathan Gould in Crysis 2 Film released in 2011.

Actor 2 in Fall from Grace TV Film released in 1994.

Yankee Sergeant in Forbidden Territory: Stanley's Search for Livingstone TV Film released in 1997.

American executive in Gregory's Two Girls Film released in 1999.

Bob in Hanna Film released in 2011.

Torpedo Chief in Hostile Waters TV Film released in 1997.

German on Train in King Solomon's Mines Film released in 1985.

Billy in La mansi�n de los Cthulhu Film released in 1992.

Reverend Lynch in Love Bite Film released in 2012.

Lieutenant in Memphis Belle Film released in 1990.

Cains in Outpost: Black Sun Film released in 2012.

F.B.I. Man in Quicksand Film released in 2003.

Gen. Demolay in Revelation Film released in 2001.

Top Brass #2 in RKO 281 TV Film released in 1999.

Bertram Norris in Sista kontraktet Film released in 1998.

Chris in Solid Air Film released in 2003.

Heller in The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Passion for Life TV Film released in 2000.

North American Bidder in The Angels' Share Film released in 2012.

Cop with Fat Thug in The Dark Knight Film released in 2008.

Pilot in The Fourth Angel Film released in 2001.

Doctor in The Jacket Film released in 2005.

Joe in The Tailor of Panama Film released in 2001.

Pan Am Security Employee in The Tragedy of Flight 103: The Inside Story TV Film released in 1990.

Bishop in The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax TV Film released in 1999.

Company Director in The White Countess Film released in 2005.

Himself in U & Me & Tennessee: An American Romance... Film released in 2007.

Rupert Bleibner in Agatha Christie's Poirot TV Series released in 1989.

General Greaves in Air Force One Is Down TV Series released in 2013.

American Tourist in Annie's Bar TV Series released in 1996.

Orderly in Dark Realm TV Series released in 2000.

Wheeler in Fell Tiger TV Series released in 1985.

Scott Nolan in Look Around You TV Series released in 2002.

George Monoblot in M.I.High TV Series released in 2007.

US Prison Guard in McCallum TV Series released in 1995.

Butch in Performance TV Series released in 1992.

Jesus in Rab C. Nesbitt TV Series released in 1988.

American Gambler in Ruth Rendell Mysteries TV Series released in 1987.

American Scientist in Screen Two TV Series released in 1985.

Tommy Allsup in Screen Two TV Series released in 1985.

Libby McCall in Spooks TV Series released in 2002.

Ximenes in The New Statesman TV Series released in 1987.

Heller in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles TV Series released in 1992.

Dennis in True Heroes TV Series released in 2008.

Butch Brooks in Uncle Jack and Operation Green TV Series released in 1990.

Chuck in Unnatural Pursuits TV Series released in 1992.

Jerry Preston in Waterloo Road TV Series released in 2006.

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